Scoot in Style: The Blacked-Out Electric Scooter from Shanghai Customs

With the exception of maybe an old fashioned Vespa that you’re using to cruise a narrow cliff hugging highway along some exotic ocean, the scooter is generally considered to not be the coolest vehicle to get around on. However, that was all before the genius motorcycle team at Shanghai Customs decided to get experimental and modify a Honda Cub into a stylish, all black electric scooter.

blacked out electric scooter handlebar

Trimmed way down with shock absorbers on the wheels, a soft, hand-stitched leather seat and mountain bike handlebars, the blacked-out electric scooter will not only give you a smooth and head-turning ride around the city streets you take it out on, it is also incredibly quiet thanks to the electric engine. No more annoying put-putting from block to block with the occasional backfire—electric engines are barely louder than the changing of gears on a bicycle. They are also environmentally friendly and will save a lot of money on gas, over time. And yet another added benefit to Shanghai customs one of a kind scooter is that it’s lightweight, with little more than the aforementioned electric engine and wheels giving it bulks. So if it falls over or you have to lay it down, it won’t take a couple people to help you lift it up.

With the possibility of other scooters like this one due out in the future, the scooter might be making a comeback.

blacked out electric scooter seat

blacked out electric scooter back

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