BMW R80 “Black Mamba” by Barbara Custom Motorcycles Throttles into Danger

The Black Mamba is considered to be the world’s most dangerous snake. To name a bike like Barbara Custom Motorcycles BMW R80 “Black Mamba,” after such a venomous viper, it would need to be just as fast, lethal, and aggressive.

The BMW R80 is often customized into incredible bikes, and there are plenty of reasons for this. The R80 was manufactured by BMW Motorrad from 1980 to 1987. It was designed to be ridden both on and off-road. After several wins in the Dakar Rally, the R80 became a popular bike to own and then customize. The Barbara Custom Motorcycles Black Mamba concept maintains all the popular parts of the R80—specifically the flat-twin airhead engine, carburetors, single-sided swingarm, and the mono shock. Barbara Customs added a modern RnineT swingarm and USD front forks. The single-piece fairing combines the seat, tank, and headlight.

The Black Mamba has the elongated, slim look of its namesake. It just looks like it would slither in a serpentine fashion as it speeds down the highways. The Black Mamba snake, interestingly, is actually either a brown or grey color. The name comes from the snake’s bluish-black mouth, which is obviously the most dangerous part of the snake. The bike has no need of any other color, however. The entire thing is just as dangerous as the Black Mamba’s fangs.

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