Bonhams Cleans up with the Spring Stafford Classic Motorcycle Auction

Spring cleaning is a tradition for just about every house across the globe. It’s a time to clear out the remnants of winter and the last year. While most people dread spring cleaning, there is one spring cleaning that you’re guaranteed to love. Every year, Bonhams holds its Spring Stafford Sale at the International Classic Motorcycle Show. The sale lasts for two days, and this year will feature over 400 vintage motorcycles.

Bonhams Spring Stafford Classic Motorcycle Auction

The sale will feature plenty to keep your attention, but you might want to take a look at the 1920s era bikes—a 1926 Brough Superior Alpine Grand Sport 986cc, a 1928 BMW 500cc R57, a 1925 Coventry-Eagle 981cc Flying-8, and a 1926 Moto Guzzi 298cc C2V Racing Motorcycle. Don’t miss out on checking out the 1922 Chater Lea 885cc 8hp Combination, which comes with an upholstered, enclosed sidecar.

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, don’t miss the unrestored 1951 Vincent Series-C Black Shadow with a 998cc V-twin engine. Alternatively, you could check out the four main collections being offered in the sale. These collections include the R.J. Gardiner Collection, the Sant Hilari Collection, a European Collection, and the Mike Taylour Collection.

bonhams motorcycle auction

There’s plenty to see at the auction, with bikes that you’ve come to love, and bikes that you may not have known even existed.

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