Bosch Anti-Slip Motorcycle Jet Thrusters Could Save You and Your Ride

Bosch is proposing a new safety feature for motorcycles: anti-slip motorcycle jet thrusters. Even with all the advances in motorcycle safety, like anti-lock brakes and even self-balancing, motorcycles can still be dangerous and even deadly in crashes. Bosch’s idea is to equip motorcycles with what amounts to jet thrusters to keep the bike upright.

Here’s how it would work. Say you’re leaning into a steep curve or throttling through a corner and your wheels hit a patch of loose gravel. Right now, you’d most likely end up in a slide, if not tumbling down the road. The Bosch Anti-Slip Motorcycle Jet Thrusters would detect that you’re in a slide and would vent accumulated air to provide a reverse thrust, keeping you upright. It’s the same basic technology used in airbags, only equipped on a motorcycle. The prototype looks much like spaceship thrusters when they fire; unlike those thrusters, however, the motorcycle jets are one time use only. The drawback to the design is what could happen if the jet were activated accidentally. If it had enough force to correct a slide, no doubt that same force could send you toppling over as well.

As you might imagine, the tech comes with a hefty price tag. No plans have been announced as to which bikes would come with the thrusters, but Bosch is claiming that the first bikes could be the Ducati Multistrada and the KTM 1290 Super Duke.

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