Bros on Bikes: The 1979 Kawasaki kz400s

There’s nothing like cruising through the hills with your best mate… well, I should say, there’s nothing like cruising through the hills with your best mate atop fully rebuilt 1979 Kawasaki kz400 Café Racers.

Josef Pichler and Stefan Lantschner took out these beautiful bikes and raced them through the Dolomites for their first test drive. The winding Italian roads were perfect to capture the power and grace of their mounts.

The video below does an awesome job showing you what the machines look like and how impressively tuned they are. The rolling green and mountain crags lining the riders’ surroundings are just as breathtaking. What is even more impressive is the passion that you hear the riders talk about their newest creations with. It’s inspiring to see how much attention and care has been put into these vehicles and it’s evidenced by their design, utility, and handling.

Jump over to YouTube to view the video for yourself, which was recorded with multiple GoPro cams and spliced into an impressive reel.

Check it out

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