BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike is Sci-Fi Reality

South African Company Blackstone Tek’s BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike has all the qualities of s sci-fi motorcycle but has the added benefit of being a real bike that you can get your hands on.

BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike tank

Blackstone Tek’s founder Gary Turner recruited designer Pierre Terblanche, who has designed for Ducati, to help make his dream of an electric motorcycle become a reality. Blackstone already has a strong background in creating carbon fiber motorcycle and car wheels, and that experience was put to the test for this build. All the mechanical parts of the HyperTEK hang suspended from a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque and billet subframe. Those mechanicals include a water-cooled DHX Hawk motor that can produce 105 horsepower and 88.5 lb-ft of torque. The motor is powered by a 4.75 kWh battery that can be fully recharged in just 30 minutes on a fast charger. The battery can power the bike through a range of 186 miles—though that range estimate might just include the supplemental battery pack.

BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike wheel

The front end features a triple clamp that holds the down tubes in a single carbon fiber piece. For the rear suspension, Blackstone used a mono-shock that is carefully integrated inside the single-sided swingarm. Blackstone employed their own 17-inch Rapid Teck wheels.
Another piece of fascinating technology for the bike is in the instrument display. There are no gauges; instead, all your riding data is displayed on a heads-up display in the Cross X1 helmet. The display also shows a rear-view camera image. The tech isn’t just in the helmet either. The bike uses an electronically modulated clutch that actually lets you rev, burn out, and pop a wheelie, courtesy of the “Wheelie & Traction Control.” You can also use cruise control and hill stop for inclined starts. A built-in sound generator will make sure that you’re heard when you approach.

BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike back view

The bikes will all be hand-made, and they won’t come cheap. Production is slated to start in about 18 months and the bike could be yours for around $80,000.

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BST HyperTEK Electric Motorbike

HyperTEK Electric Motorbike