Cake Serves up the Ösa+, a Modular Off-Road Bike

Cake has what they are calling the “next electric on- and off-road-capable utility motorcycle.” Called Ösa, Cake’s bike is billed as “a light, clean, and quiet electric motorcycle” that was inspired by the different needs and demands of their customers. Cake goes on to say that the bike is “heavily influenced by the workbench” and that goes beyond the bike’s looks.

Osa - Cakes off road bike front

There is definitely a workbench vibe to the bike. A large gray bar extends out from under the seat, and much like a workbench’s top, the bar is the core of the bike. The uni-bar works as a modular clamp-on system where Ösa owners can attach baskets, bags, tools, and anything else they need. Much like a workbench, the bike can become a collection point of everything you need for a project. Cake boasts that there are 1,000 different possible configurations for the bike. The company envisions the bike being the next portable workstation. “We’re seeing combustion vehicles being replaced by electric, gasoline and diesel being banned, and cars will soon be excluded from the urban landscape. The Ösa…provides a viable platform for that change as it so capably meets diverse needs and priorities.”

Osa - Cakes off road bike

Ösa can also double as a mobile power station. The battery offers multiple outlets and could provide power for the pizza delivery guy who has to “execute clean last-mile deliveries,” or the battery could power “a DJ hosting an impromptu concert in the forest.” Cake offers two battery sizes—a small 1.5kWh battery or a large 2.5kWh version.

Osa - Cakes modular bike side view

There are also two versions of the bike itself. The Ösa Lite registers as a 50cc moped, while the Ösa+ comes in as a 125cc motorcycle. For riding comfort, the Ösa+ offers a dual-crown suspension in the front. It has a continuous power output of 7kW and peaks out at 10kW. The Ösa+ has a 63 mile range and has a top speed of 63 miles per hour. The Ösa Lite also has a 63 mile range, but tops out its speed at 30 miles per hour. The Ösa Lite will be retailing for $6,000, while the Ösa+ comes in at $8,000.

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modular off road wheel bike

Osa - Cakes modular off road bike compartment at the back