Classified Moto becomes Dr. Frankenstein with their Rebel Yell Frank Motorcycle

Custom motorcycle company Classified Moto has built a lot of bikes for a lot of different people and companies, but one of their finest feats was building a custom Kawasaki for a summer promotion in 2016 for Rebel Yell Bourbon. The plan was to build a amazing bike that could survive a 1,000 mile-plus ride to the annual gathering of bikers in Sturgis, North Dakota—the majority of which are die-hard Harley owners. The bike premiered in 2016 and was graciously received by just about everyone in attendance.

rebel yell frank motorcycle side view

It was such a success, in fact, that Rebel Yell Bourbon came back to Classified Moto and asked them to build another bike for them—except with no specifications or direction – they just trusted their natural instincts. The result? A beast of bike named Frank, aka the Classified Moto X Rebel Yell Frank Motorcycle, which uses bits and pieces of other powerful motorcycles in true Frankenstein fashion. Parts of a BMW 650 are in there as is an 11 inch-wide ATV tire. Most of the rest of the bike is a Triumph Speed Triple 1050, which means some may see the customisation as the destruction of a perfectly good motorcycle, while others may see the massive back tire and souped-up engine as a stroke of bike-building genius.

rebel yell frank motorcycle back

Either way, Frank is one of a kind and you can have a chance at winning him if you head to the Classified Moto website for more details.

Check it out

rebel yell frank motorcycle design

rebel yell frank motorcycle silencer

rebel yell frank motorcycle engine

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