Colt Wrangler Motorcycles Knows a Thing or Two about Exciting Rides

If the Zero XU Tracker by Colt Wrangler Motorcycles says anything at all, it’s that designer Colt Lyons knows what it takes to come up with an excellent custom motorcycle. Not that making a custom motorcycle isn’t already hard enough, the Zero XU Tracker Colt built was also an electric motorcycle. But Colt’s used to holding on for the rough ride, having been a rodeo rider before delving into custom bikes.

colt wrangler motorcycle body

The donor bike for this project was a 2013 Zero XU. Colt had originally thought to go with a café racer look, but after riding the bike, he knew he had to go with the street tracker style instead. That wasn’t the only step away from original plans, either. The bike was going to benefit from a gutted vintage gas tank, but Colt opted instead for handcrafting everything from aluminum sheet instead, which necessitated him not only getting the proper equipment, but also learning to use it. Aside from the bodywork, the Zero only needed a new rear wheel, new LED lighting, and tires. The false tank lifts up to reveal storage space, but also space for a second battery, as well as the charging cables and adapters.

colt wrangler motorcycle back

For a first foray, and for having to learn as he went, Colt’s Zero XU Tracker is impressive. But now that he has the tools, the knowledge, and a little experience, the next bike will be even more impressive.

Check it out

colt wrangler motorcycle fuel tank

colt wrangler motorcycle seat

colt wrangler motorcycle headlight

colt wrangler motorcycle wrangler bike

colt wrangler motorcycle side view

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