Confederate Motors’ Fa-13 Combat Bomber Is The Last Of Its Kind

Confederate Motorcycles, a southern USA bike builder (surprise, surprise), just unveiled its most powerful custom ride yet, though unsurprisingly, this is the last bike that will be made under the Confederate Motors name; they’ve decided that the association with the US Confederacy is no longer cool (smart guys).

The FA-13 Combat Bomber will also be the last gasoline-powered bike that the company will build. There won’t be another bike like this built again, as they move towards electric engines.

confederate fa13 combat bomber motorcycle front

The Alabama-based builder, who has established a reputation for making new v-twin machines, is changing its name to Curtiss Motorcycles. The name honours motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss. The company plans to collaborate with Californian outfit Zero Motorcycles for its future all-electric buildings. The new bikes promise to be just as badass as the company’s gasoline-powered rides.

The FA-13 Bomber is a great testament to the brand’s rebellious history. With the aggressive stance and matte anodised finish, it is the kind of bike that we could picture James Dean riding.

confederate fa13 combat bomber motorcycle handle

Featuring a military-spec billet construction, a striking billet alloy frame and heritage style detailing, the FA-13 is truly a nod to Confederate Motors’ heritage.

The handcrafted FA-13 Combat Bomber features a 150-horsepower v-twin engine. Other features include a rear mono shock, race car-like suspension components and cantilever forks. The air flow systems were optimised for increased power output. The bike also features new leather seats, a red exhaust and a matte military-grey finish.

confederate fa13 combat bomber motorcycle engine

Confederate will release just 13 of these bespoke bikes. Each bike comes with free delivery and a five-year warranty. This super exclusive bike will most certainly become an instant collectable part of motorcycling history.

Check it out

confederate fa13 combat bomber motorcycle silencer

confederate fa13 combat bomber motorcycle feature

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