Curtiss Follows Up Zeus with the Hera All Electric Bike

Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly Confederate, has announced its next bike—the Hera All Electric Bike. Curtiss’s first release, the Zeus, was their first all-electric release. The follow up to that project is the Hera, so now the company has a divine couple for their flagship bikes.

Hera promises to be the most technologically advanced e-motorcycle ever built. Curtiss Motorcycles, founded by Glenn Curtiss (the same Glenn Curtiss who set a land speed record of 136 miles per hour on a gas-powered bike in 1907), is developing what they are calling the world’s first “V8 battery.” That battery will be mated to their E-twin motor. If the looks of the bike mean anything, then this motorcycle will be fast. The bike was inspired by the same bike the Curtiss rode to break the land speed record–you can see part of that inspiration in the arrangement of the bike’s batteries, which have been arranged in two banks of four.

In an interesting twist, no specifications have been released regarding the bike’s performance, but that hasn’t stopped Curtiss Motorcycles from bragging about the bike and what it will be capable of. Part of that may be due to the fact that the Hera will have to face off against Harley Davidson’s electric motorcycles, which will also be released in the next couple of years.

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