Curtiss Motorcycles’ Hera Rules Motorcycle’s Olympus

Glenn Hammond Curtiss is a motorcycle legend who has been given the title of the Godfather of the American V-Twin. It was in 1903 that Curtiss developed the V-Twin—three years ahead of Indian, and six ahead of Harley-Davidson. Three years later, Curtiss set an unofficial speed record of 136.36 miles per hour. He did so riding a 40 horsepower, 269 cubic inch V8 motorcycle that he had designed. He kept the record of being the Fastest Man in the World until 1911. His motorcycle record stood until 1930.

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In reverence to this innovative genius, Curtiss Motorcycles has released Hera, the Goddess of Motorcycles. Hera is an electric motorcycle whose design owes a great deal to Curtiss’s speed-record-setting bike. “With Hera,” stated Curtiss Chairman and CEO Matt Chambers, “we set out to crate the world’s most luxurious motorcycle. Featuring the world’s first V8 battery architecture, an ultra-powerful, yet refined, E-Twin motor, and a 66-inch wheelbase, Hera will occupy a class all her own.” No information has been released about performance, but without a doubt, this motorcycle will be able to rival its inspiration. Hera is scheduled for release in 2020, when she’ll take charge of Olympus and the world of electric bikes.

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