Curtiss Motorcycle’s New Bike’s a Bullet Straight from Hades

Riding a motorcycle can feel a bit like riding a bullet fired out of a gun—especially when you consider the immediate torque available with an electric bike. That feeling is being validated by design thanks to Curtiss Motorcycle’s latest design, Hades.

curtis motorcycle tank

Curtiss Motorcycle has been putting out some pretty cool designs for high-powered electric motorcycles lately. Hades continues that trend with a bike built around a bullet-shaped battery. Much like the flagship bike for Curtiss Motorcycle, the Zeus electric motorcycle, the Hade bike is built around a 162 kW—217 horsepower—electric motor.

The bike can dole out 147 lb-ft of torque, which should realistically mimic the sudden take-off of a recently fired bullet. The 399 VDC battery is shaped to resemble a bullet, making the whole bike look like the projectile with a saddle and two wheels added to it. But it’s not just the battery’s shape that should attract your attention. The battery’s capacity is also pretty eye-catching. Set at 16.8 kWh, it’s the larger than the standard battery offered by Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire and the Zero SR/F.

curtis motorcycle's latest design hades

The bike also benefits from girder suspension forks—a bit of a calling card for Curtiss anymore. The suspension gives the bike more of a futuristic look, and the horizontally mounted rear suspension reinforces that feel. The bike’s design also as the benefit, whether intended or not, of providing plenty of air to keep the battery cool, which will be increased thanks to the plethora of fins on the battery housing.

There’s no foot brake as the rear brake control is put on the left-hand lever of the handlebar—a design choice that is becoming even more common with electric bikes. The underseat brake lights are also rare, though they look right as rain on this bike.

CURTIS Hades Motorcycle

If you’re interested in Hades, you can prepare for a USD$75,000 price tag. That may sound like a lot, but compared to other prices on premium electric motorcycles, that price is pretty reasonable.

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