Cytech Motorcycles’ BMW R80/7 Cohiba is Smooth as Smoke

Cytech Motorcycles’ custom BMW R80/7 Cohiba was built from knowledge gained living in the extreme wild of Africa. Cytech Motorcycles has been leading motorcycle tours of Southern Africa for 40 years, since the mid-70s. During all those decades of leading expeditions through the harsh environments found on the African continent, they’ve come to rely on the durability and reliability of the BMW R series. When not taking people out exploring, the Cytech team puts together impressive custom BMWs.

cytech bmw r80 7 cohiba motorcycle seat

Their latest release, the Cohiba Bobber came to Cytech as a request from friends and was a bit of a departure from the Africa inspired bikes Cytech was accustomed to making. Instead, this bike needed to fit in on the streets of Havana. Cytech opted to go with a ‘50s style bobber. Using a BMW R80/7, the team did a complete teardown of the original 800cc engine. The gearbox was also dismantled and both were sandblasted before being put back together. Dunlop whitewall tires were installed with the signature bobbed fenders. The front fork stanchions were machined to lower them 50mm. In the rear, the shocks were modified to include new heavy duty springs. A new single seat pan was fabricated and covered in leather. The tank was custom painted to include the Cohiba pattern and logo. The leather strap down the middle of the tank has a pocket for a cigar cutter and lighter as well as a place for two Cohiba cigars.

Check it out

cytech bmw r80 7 cohiba motorcycle back light

cytech bmw r80 7 cohiba motorcycle engine

cytech bmw r80 7 cohiba motorcycle back

cytech bmw r80 7 cohiba motorcycle side view

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