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Dab motors x burberry 1

Burberry Partners with DAB Motors for Concept-E RS Bike

Luxury fashion brands continue to search out ways to relate to the general populace. Just look at Louis Vuitton’s escapades into branding . . . well, just about everything. The most recent to jump on this bandwagon is British luxury fashion house Burberry. The house is stepping out on its usual fare of trench coats, footwear, leather goods, fashion accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and fragrances and heading off-road. Burberry is partnering with DAB Motors on a special edition of the Concept-E RS motorcycle.

Dab motors x burberry

Image: Burberry

You’ll recognise the basic shape of the electric motorcycle from DAB. The bike comes with a 10kW electric motor powered by a 51.8V Li-ion battery. That powertrain sets the Concept-E RS in the same power class as a 125cc gas bike. It comes with a Beringer braking system, and Ohlins provides the suspension. Burberry lends its influence to the shape of the chassis with two liveries that are uniquely Burberry. You can choose from either a Metallic Gray or a Midnight Blue scheme.

In addition to these colorways, the bike also gets a custom seat featuring the Burberry monogram pattern in the genuine black leather. You might also notice Burberry’s influence on the price. The DAB Concept-E RS Burberry Edition is priced at $34,000.

Dab motors x burberry 2

Image: Burberry

DAB and Burberry will only be making 20 chassis of this bike, so you won’t see many of these limited edition bikes on the road. If you do get one of these bikes, you’ll no doubt find out why Burberry was willing to put its name on a DAB bike. “Luxury is about craftsman, something all luxury houses pride themselves on,” says Burberry’s Senior Vice President Adrian Ward Rees.

“DAB Motors creates a bespoke approach to its craft in the industry through an atelier approach to the product experience providing very real consideration in the design and construction.” In other words, this isn’t just a marketing ploy—it’s a combination of two brands committed to giving you the best.

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Dab motors x burberry side view

Image: DAB Motors

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