Deus Ex Machina The Goose Dispenses Apocalyptic Justice

Deus Ex Machina revisited Mad Max with The Goose—named for the bike ridden by Max’s friend Jim Goose. If this bike was good enough for the Main Force Patrol in doomsday Australia, then it will certainly meet any challenge you can throw at it.

deus ex machina motorcycle seat design

The Goose used a 2018 Kawasaki Z900rs as its base, which means it came to the patrol with a four stroke, four cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve, liquid-cooled engine linked to a six-speed transmission. The Z900rs is powered down a little from other Kawasakis. It’s 948cc engine provides plenty of low-end power, which means that it peaks out around 111 on the horsepower range. The drive is sealed chain, giving it more of that apocalyptic look. Front suspension is taken care of with an inverted telescopic fork that can be adjusted for compression and rebound damping. Rear suspension is a horizontal back-link swing arm.

deus ex machina motorcycle diesel tank

Deus Ex Machina brought in Airtech to put together the full fairing for that authentic Mad Max look. Metal screens run the top and bottom of the fairing, with another metal screen to cover the headlight. Deus also took the 4-2-4 exhaust and shortened it as well as coated it in black ceramic. Bad Arse Trim Co re-upholstered the seat with brown leather, and Dutchy’s Motorcyle Spray Art took care of the metallic green paint job. The look is a match to the iconic movie. If you’re going to be patrolling the bad lands, you’ll want The Goose to do it.

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deus ex machina motorcycle color

deus ex machina motorcycle back wheel

deus ex machina motorcycle feature

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