Cruise to The Waves on The Deus Ex Machina Sea Sider

Custom bike builder Deus Ex Machina has a flagship workshop in Canggu, Bali. This coastal beach town is known for surfing. So, it is no surprise that Deus has created a custom bike pay homage to the area’s beach vibe. The Sea Sider is perfect for a dainty little jaunt to the beach.

deus ex machina motorcycle feature

The Sea Sider Motorcycle is on display at the builder’s Indonesian shop. This bike started its life as a 1974 Honda C70 scooter. Deus ditched the 70cc motor for a more reliable and modern unit from a 1995 Honda Astra.To keep the bike’s weight down, the C70 was stripped of any unnecessary parts. A custom metal frame was then cut and welded by Deus. They then went about customising the rest of the bike to add their unique touches. Lightweight rims were sourced from Japan. Several vintage bicycle pieces were sourced from a local neighbouring island, including the handlebars and the front light. The leather seat was hand-sewn at a local leather shop in Bali. The surf racks and exhaust were both handmade by Deus.

deus ex machina motorcycle feature

The bike is adorned with a custom-made surfboard carrier that gives the bike an island-style vibe. A front basket gives the Sea Sider a vintage bicycle feel. It also makes it convenient to haul your backpack or lunch to the beach as well. If you are a beach bum lucky enough to live a life of leisure and need a scooter to tow your surfboard, the Sea Sider is the perfect mode of transportation for you.

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deus ex machina motorcycle front

deus ex machina motorcycle engine

deus ex machina motorcycle seat

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