Deus Ex Machina’s TTT Motorcycle is Literally a Work of Art

As Deus Ex Machina’s US Motorcycle Director, Michael Woolaway is all too aware that a well-made bike is in and of itself a work of art. However, one of his latest projects brings downright literal meaning to the concept. Built out from a classic 1978 Triumph T140, the Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorcycle will remain indoors as a centrepiece inside a San Diego home. However, don’t think for a second that means the gorgeous motorcycle won’t run like a champ.

deus ex machinas ttt motorcycle engine

Woolaway’s first task at hand was to polish up the T140’s classic 750cc motor by way of megacycle cams, lightened lifters, chromoly push rods, two 34mm Mikuni flat-side carburetors and other “trick racey bits”. He then mounted a special frame that was handmade by C&J exclusively for the motor. Next, he hand-crafted a TT-style tank modeled after 1960s Japanese Grand Prix racers. For the exhaust, he employed stainless steel with matte black ceramic coating and used a Cone Engineering megaphone to ensure an unmistakable roar.

 deus ex machinas ttt motorcycle angle view

Between the inherent brilliance of Triumph motorcycles and Woolaway’s own remarkable instincts, you end up with two works of art woven into one. It’s therefore no wonder someone wanted to put the damn thing on display.

Check it out

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