DM-014: The Urban Fighter Custom Bike Brutalizes the Competition

The DM-014 Urban Fighter by Droog Moto looks like it warrants its description of being “ready to tear up the streets and hand out brutal beat downs.” The motorcycle comes with knobby Continental TKC80 tires covering its aluminium solid wheel inserts. The custom fuel cell looks more like stealth armor than a gas tank. The subframe is also custom, along with the tracker plate, fender, and exhaust.

The fighter is built on a Kawasaki Z1000, which means its capable of pulling 0 to 100 in just 2.5 seconds, and completes the quarter mile in 10.38 seconds, with a speed of almost 130 miles per hour. The Z1000 has 127.5 horsepower and 75.8 lb-ft of torque. Droog took all those stats and added an attitude to match. The shortened seat along with the blacked out engine and wheels give the bike a sinister air. The exposed chain, along with the weathering on the fuel cell, make the bike look tough and ready to dole out the promised beatdowns.

This is a bike with bad intentions, and the muscle to back it up.

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urban custom bike side view

urban seat custom bike light

urban custom bike front

urban custom bike engine

back view custom vehicle urban