Droog Goes Post-Apocalyptic with Moto 14

The post-apocalyptic look may have first gained notice with the Mad Max series, but it has continued to grow in popularity, and with customs like Droog Moto’s Moto 14 Urban Fighter motorcycle, it’s not hard to see why.

custom motorcycle aluminium fender

Moto 14 is built on a Kawasaki Z1000 base, but it’s not that easy to recognise it. Droog started by stripping the bike down, and then rebuilding it in a dystopian fashion. Droog did add in a new, fully adjustable suspension, as well as an internal fuel pump in the hand-fabricated fuel cell.

custom motorcycle tires

Where the rear of the bike used to be, Droog put in a new subframe and seat. Below the seat, the electronics are hidden behind a bulletproof tracker plate. Braided brake lines connect to the aluminium wheel inserts, with Continental TKC80 muli-use tires.

custom motorcycle handlebars

The Kawasaki 125-horsepower engine was blacked out. The bike’s hoop has a set of custom LED lights that shine through a machined slot, completing that Mad Max look.

This is a bike made for desert chases and rolling up to the Thunderdome.

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custom built kawasaki motorcycle