Droog’s Urban Fighter is Ready for Anything

Droog’s Urban Fighter looks like it was built with Snake Plissken in mind. Based on a Kawasaki NInja 250, the Urban Fighter comes with 36 horsepower, thanks to its 249cc two-cylinder engine. The bike has been stripped down to the bare minimum, removing all the tabs and fairings and giving it a lightweight, agile functionality. The boxy fuel cell fits nicely with the sub frame, creating a unique look and attitude for the bike. The DM handlebars are equipped with thick grips, while the seat fits the bike’s form perfectly. The tires have a tick, deep tread that will find purchase on streets or on dirt. The black box on the front hides two slits that allow a powerful light co come through, lighting up the road ahead. For the instrument panel, the Urban Fighter has a mini digital speedometer that is waterproof and offers multiple modes. The suspension in both the front and rear have been upgraded and can be adjusted even more when you receive the bike. Not that you’ll need to make any adjustments since Droog Moto will tailor-make the bike to your specs so that it fits you perfectly.

Droog Urban Fighter front view

Alternately called Moto15, the Urban Fighter is the latest from Droog Moto, which has been steadily building a name for itself in the motorcycle customization world. The Urban Fighter continues its lineup of beefy mods that look like they would fit right in on the streets of an apocalyptic New York. Droog happily owns its distinctive style, stating that their machines “are menacing creations built with performance and appearance as a standard. WE take the bikes to the next level, giving you a ride that can only be explained in the moment.”

droogs urban fighter

So if you’re thinking you might have to save the president after his plane crashes on those mean streets, don an eye patch and fork out $30,000 for the Urban Fighter. You’re going to need it.

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Droog Urban Fighter side view