Munro Motor 2.0 Brings the Best of an E-Bike & Motorcycle

Chinese company Munro Motors first introduced the Motor 2.0 e-Bike back in January at the CES. The designers drew inspiration from iconic Indian motorcycle from the 1980s. The bike is named after Burt Munro, who set a record on his 1920 Indian motorcycle in 1967.

Electric powertrains are already popular on bicycles in Asia and Europe. Munro Motors hopes that more people will choose electric transportation in the future as they become more concerned about the environment.

munro motor 2 0 motorcycle engine

The Munro Motor 2.0 is much different than other electric bicycles. For one thing, it does not have bike pedals. Instead, it features pegs that you rest your foot on that are very similar to motorcycle footpegs. There is a reason that the designers choose to omit foot pedals on this bike—weighing 35kg, it is quite heavy. No one is gonna wanna pedal this monstrosity around—not even if you miss your leg day in the gym.

The Munro Motor 2.0 is equipped with two replaceable batteries that fit on each side of the bike’s Bosch motor. The motor can get about 96 km on a single charge and can power this bike to reach speeds of up to 48 km/h.

munro motor 2 0 motorcycle wheel fitting

Shock absorbers in the front and back provide a smooth ride. The bike is coated with a clear coat for UV protection. There are USB ports on each battery pack so that you can charge your phone on your commute.

munro motor 2 0 motorcycle padani

munro motor 2 0 motorcycle diesel tank

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