Earle Ducati Alaskan Motorcycle Answers the Call of the Wild

If you listen close enough, you can hear Alex Earle’s customized Ducati—the Alaskan—howling in response to the call of the wild. The bike may have started out as a Ducati Desert Sled, but it’s gone beyond anything that simple. The Sled makes a nice base for an adventure bike as its heavily strengthened frame make it up to the challenge of rough terrain. The motivation behind the bike was to create something that could withstand the perils and difficulties of the deep forests of Alaska. Earle started with swapping out the tires for knobby ones, and adding in a 21-inch wheel up front. The bike has a six-gallon fuel capacity, which will come in handy while following directions given through the rally navigation tower set up. The seat is custom, and below it you can find the high-mount exhaust.

earle ducati alaskan motorcycle front

From the looks of it, there will be plenty of accessories to accompany this deep forest traveler. It already has a Warn winch. Rumors circulate that a swingarm length enhancement is on the horizon, as is a bash plate and more engine protection. Whether the mounting plates on the side of the gas tanks are actually for a rumored small chainsaw or not is a rumor that we’ll have to wait to find the answer to. Earle is known for his projects being continually updated, so nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Check it out

earle ducati alaskan motorcycle gas tank view

earle ducati alaskan motorcycle back

earle ducati alaskan motorcycle riding

earle ducati alaskan motorcycle on the road

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