Falkor 1977 Yamaha XS 360 Redefines Neverending

“Panache” means “flamboyant confidence of style or manner.” Given that definition, it’s no wonder that Panache Custom Machines chose the name. Their bikes definitely display a wealth of confidence. Their Falkor custom bike, for instance, is a thing of beauty and style.

falkor 1977 yamaha xs

Charles Murillon found the base of the Falkor bike in a barn and started slowly plugging away at the custom build. “It took about two years from the moment I started unscrewing parts until the finished product was ready,” explains Murillon. Why such a long build time? “I had to wait to be able to afford the quality parts I wanted on it.” The “never-ending build” lead to the name of the bike. “Hence the nickname ‘Falkor’—the famous white dragon from the ’80s movie Neverending Story.”

yamaha xs

During the build, Murillon spent a year at Diamond Atelier, where he learned about customising bikes. You can detect some of Diamond Atelier’s influence. Murillon took the 1977 Yamaha XS 360 and fabricated a new rear hoop that consists of seven different tube sections. He also added in brushed stainless steel side panels.

The electrical system needed a complete overhaul, which Murillon completed with a Motogadget M-Unit, antigravity lithium battery, and a custom wiring harness. Dual front disc brakes, a new master cylinder, and braided lines were also added. Murillon finished off the build with a blue, white, and black colour scheme.

falkor yamaha

It may have taken some time, but Falkor is a dream that’s finally flying down the highways.

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