Finnish to Start with the RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle

The RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle is an ambitious first product from a Finnish startup company. The E2 starts out as an innovation because of its discarding the traditional chain drive for a hub-mounted electric motor in the rear wheel. That motor consists of a 67 horsepower 236 lb-ft of torque electric motor capable of top speeds around 100 miles per hour. The hub and motor connect via a trick single-sided swingarm and monoshock. Rather than the rounded curves we’re accustomed to with motorcycles, the E2 sports sharp edges and angles, which seem to accent the hubless wheel even more.

rmk e2 electric motorcycle front

The centerless hub drive is a patented design owned by RMK. While it promises to be a zippy bike, it will also have an impressive functional range of around 186 miles per charge. Each charge takes roughly two to three hours total, so wait time between rides isn’t extensive. RMK says that they are using a 18650 cell lithium ion cells battery, but they also admit that using batteries with different cells could extend the range.

rmk e2 electric motorcycle back wheel

The E2 is set to be unveiled at the Helsinki MP 19 Motorcycle Show, with a price set at $29,315.

Check it out

rmk e2 electric motorcycle side view

rmk e2 electric motorcycle look at night

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