FUELL E Vehicles Deliver Urban Mobility

Erik Buell, Frederick Vasseur, and Francois-Xavier Terny come from different but related worlds. Buell is the founder of Buell Motorcycles. Vasseur is a renowned engineer and is the principal of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team as well as the founder of Spark Racing Technology, which builds Formula E racers. And Terny is an entrepreneur with a penchant for working with industrial endeavors around the world. The three have come together to form FUELL, bringing to market a pair of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

fuell e-vehicles

The first vehicle is Flow, an electric motorcycle. Flow comes as either an 11kW (125cc equivalent) or 35kW (motorcycle license) version. Flow also features an integrated 50 liter internal storage for the urban commuter. The motorcycle is powered by a proprietary wheel motor, and it has a connected dashboard.

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Fluid, FUELL’s second offering, is an electronic bike. The two removable batteries provide a total of 1,000Wh, granting the bike a 125 mile range when fully charged. The bike uses a carbon belt and has internal hub gears. Endowed with plenty of torque (100Nm), you can pick up either the Pedelec version, with a max 20 miles per hour speed, or the S-Pedelec, which has a top speed of 28 miles per hour.

fuell urban mobility vehicles

Flow retails for $10,995, and Fluid for $3,295. With this initial offering, FUELL is well on its way to offering “a complete and unique selection of innovative, electric and attractive 2-wheelers to cover all the needs of urban ‘macro-mobility.’”

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