Get a Glimpse into the Future with the Honda CB4 Interceptor

The recent EICMA Bike Show in Milan featured countless exciting innovations and designs from companies around the world, but none were more futuristic or forward thinking than Honda. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled their newest concept bike, the CB4 Interceptor. Reminiscent of something you might see in the world of Tron, Honda turned to its development team in Rome for the CB4, and ended up with something quite special.

honda cb4 interceptor feature

The product they delivered is a ‘total black,’ as the manufacturer describes it, machine that follows in the footsteps of the Neo Sports Café they first designed in 2015. The sloping lines and sharp angles prove to be impressive in contrast of one another and give the bike a powerful, yet refined, feel. However, what made me fawn over this bike were the gadgets aboard the beast. The CB4 Interceptor is powered by a front facing fan and utilizes kinetic energy to provide riders with all kinds of connectivity needs and possibilities. The touch screen allows for the use of navigation apps, ability to make phone calls, and is able to be connected seamlessly with popular mobile devices.

honda cb4 interceptor back

This clockwork-style shark of a bike is just a concept, so we may not see it on the road for some time, but as soon as it is, I know I’ll be in line to try one out. Head over to Auto Blog by clicking the link below, and see for yourself.

Check it out

honda cb4 interceptor diesel tank

honda cb4 interceptor diesel tank mouth

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