Go Speed Racer with the Hedon Heroine Classic Helmet – Dirtquake Trailblazer Edition

Touting a legendary retro design, the Heroine Dirtquake Trailblazer racing helmet from Hedon is love at first sight. It’s honestly the kind of head gear you might purchase regardless of whether you own a motorcycle or dirt bike, let alone race one. You can just throw this thing on and act out vintage 80s sci-fi movies in your bedroom. No one has to know unless you want them to.

hedon heroine classic helmet front

Of course, if you are a biker or racer then this trusty helmet will do you just fine. For the shell, Hedon employed lightweight carbon fibreglass and a carbon mix to reduce weight. The Dirtquake Trailblazer Edition also comes with a special visor and a paint job that has you seeing classic racing stripes. Indeed, the very name is in honour of the Dirtquake racing events in the UK and USA.

hedon heroine classic helmet back

Inside the helmet is a calf leather trim and 360 degree cushion padding. The anodised hardware is a mix of brass, copper and gunmetal. Put it all together and you have modern safety and quality paired with a downright classic aesthetic. Even if you lose the race, everyone will be dying to know where you got your helmet.

Check it out

hedon heroine classic helmet user

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