Honda Motorcycle Lovers Rejoice: The Neo Sports Café is Almost Here

You may already be aware that Honda recently released their new Gold Wing model. Alongside this drop, they unveiled a concept of the new Neo Sports Café at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. While the model in Tokyo was just a concept, it was revealed that that the real bike will be shown at the Milan show next week, on November 6th.

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The NSC sports a sleek chassis and open-frame build, powered by the Fireblade’s 998cc water-cooled inline four-cylinder engine. This has been given a makeover to fit in its new barefaced home. Honda’s newest bike sports a single-sided swigarm with a fully-adjustable inverted fork, and an aggressive stance, blending the past with the present.

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From what we’ve seen, the concept is clearly lacking parts needed to be road-ready. But the teaser videos Honda provided leading up to the release, depict a few of them. The videos show glimpses of the rear numberplate hanger, ABS brakes, and a larger multi-exit silencer, with an underslung catalytic converter in the collector box. The clocks in the video appear to be one of the more appealing elements – they are a blend of analogue dials offset by digital LCD displays.

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Honda has kept the pricing and availability of the NSC quiet through the roll out, but we expect to learn that at the Milan show, on November 6th as well.

Check it out

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