The Honda NX650 Dominator by Asphalt and Gravel Revels in the ’70s

Asphalt and Gravel was approached by a customer who wanted a Honda NX650 Dominator influenced by the ’70s. No doubt, that customer got more than he bargained for. Asphalt and Gravel started by swapping out the gas tank for a 1971 KTM 125 cc dirt bike tank. The tank changed the silhouette of the bike, but what changed the attitude of the bike was the addition of a leather strap—complete with double buckles.

Interestingly, that strap is all that’s holding the tank down, and custom-made mounting brackets had to be welded to the frame for it.

back view nx650 honda

The sub-frame was reduced down, with an LED strip added to it for both taillight and turn signal functions. A custom-made saddle sits above handmade side panels. The airbox was cut as well, being replaced with a pod filter. The wiring was all redone, with the battery and other components being hidden under the seat. The headlight is also unique, featuring a pair of Baja Designs LED headlights and a pair of turn signals.

top of the mountain with honda nx650

Upside-down forks were added with a new front wheel from a modern scrambler. The rear shock was also overhauled.

The bike was completely blacked out, including anodizing the rims and fork legs black. Add in a computer, and this bike could easily be mistaken for the titular vehicle of an action movie or TV series—just what you might expect from the ’70s.

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