Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter Has the Fat Lady Singing

If you’re going to organize a three day vintage bike extravaganza, you just might want to be able to show you have the cred for it. Scott Halbleib, organizer of the Kentucky Kick Down Motorcycle Festival, has demonstrated that he has the chops for the job with his latest custom motorcycle—the Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter.

back view honda valkyrie

Scott had a unique vision for the bike: “Think massive street fighter that you can ride to the Opera with your fancy clothes on.” You might be wearing fancy clothes when riding this beauty, but before the final bike could become a reality, they had to strip down the Valkyrie. Scott left the frame, wheels, and suspension stock, but dressed up the original tank, placing a shell with flat sides and top over it.

tank honda valkyrie top

The subframe was shortened and re-braced. Scott added in a Power Commander for the engine, and gave it a Speed Cell battery. Heading to the Opera with a flat six 1832cc engine would have turned heads in the wrong way, so he also added a Borla dual inlet tips for the muffler, which were capped, hole-sawed, and given new tubing. The front fender was stretched and modified, adding new mounts. The saddle was a custom job by Mike Brewer. And to top it off, the Streetfighter was given a classy two-tone gloss grey and satin black paint job.

side view honda valkyrie

The fat lady may have finished her aria, but Scott Hableib’s Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter is just warming up.

Check it out

headlight honda valkyrie

honda valkyrie seat

honda valkyrie streetfighter

wheel honda valkyrie