Hop Aboard the Curtis Motorcycles Zeus Concept

Outstanding concepts are different from their more mundane counterparts; they are illusionary musings on futuristic or improbably vehicles that if ever came to fruition, would be ground breaking. That’s exactly what the Curtis Motorcycles Zeus Concept stands for.

curtis motorcycles zeus concept motorcycle front

Billed as the all-electric hot rod god and the world’s first electric twin motorcycle, the Zeus is a breath of fresh air in a saturated cruising bike environment. The would-be all-electric stunner is an uneven mix of chrome and midnight black forming a formidable silhouette to rival the toughest bikes on the road. The absence of exhaust pipes creates a shocking appearance, but allows for an unobstructed view of the rear-wheel base and drive chain.

curtis motorcycles zeus concept motorcycle back wheel

If the back of the bike is impressive, the front is groundbreaking. The coiled shocks crawling out from behind the single headlamp create an aggressive frontal view that sharpens the steep curved guard that sits atop the front tire.

curtis motorcycles zeus concept motorcycle side view

Although concepts do not always proceed from planning through production, we hope the Zeus Motorcycle gets wheels in motion enough to see this through. A futuristic looking bike with enough bite to back up its bark, the Zeus is sure to have plenty of investor interest, if it gets to that stage.

Check it out

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