Hop Onto the ALTA Redshift EXR Motorcycle

ALTA, known for their impressive array of off-roading bikes, has come back with an inspiring bike for 2019. The 2019 Redshift EXR is the optimal multi-terrain bike. This dirtbike crossed with a road racer offers more power, capability, and aesthetics than ever before. The Redshift EXR allows drivers to harness more power, have better control, and operate with increased confidence, no matter how rough the road ahead is.

alta redshift exr motorcycle back and front

Unlike many of the Redshift’s street illegal counterparts, this bike offers street allowed capabilities with off-road domain. This bike was created to be ridden on local trails, city streets, or even the most intimidating of hills.

alta redshift exr motorcycle side view

This bike goes beyond power and performance. With a sturdy base, mechanically sound structure, and supreme sure-footedness, the EXR offers a unique combination of stability, speed, and sexiness, not seen in very many vehicles. With 50 horsepower, 42 pound feet of torque, and a chassis weight of 273 pounds, this bike packs a punch and is a whole lot of fun to ride.

Check it out

alta redshift exr motorcycle mirror and tank

alta redshift exr motorcycle engine

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