Husqvarna Pilen Helmet Keeps It Real

If you’ve been keeping your eye on Husqvarna Motorcycles, then you’ll know about the recent unveiling of the newest additions to their “Real Street” motorcycle line. The VITPILEN 701 and the SVARTPILEN 701 were introduced at this year’s EICMA—the annual motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. The bikes stayed true to Husqvarna’s vision of innovative and accessible street motorcycles.

husqvarna pilen helmet feature

Accompanying the motorcycles are several accessories that match the form and function of Husqvarna’s motorcycles. The Pilen Helmet is one of those items. At first glance, the most visible feature of the helmet is its goggle-style visor. When most helmets have the fold-down visor, a goggle style seems more of a letdown than an innovation. The truth, however, is that the visor system allows for a quick-change feature so that you can match your visor to your needs. Additionally, the double-panel, scratch-resistant visor allows for more comfort for those who wear corrective glasses.

The helmet also features a more efficient and effective ventilation system. The microlock chinstrap closing mechanism also looks promising when considering comfort level. Finally, the helmet is 100 percent fiberglass. When it comes to looks, there’s not really much you can do with a helmet. Husqvarna kept it simple, but still delivered on a nice looking helmet that fits in with their real street approach. The Pilen helmet is a nice addition to their lines of jackets, pants, gloves, and other accessories.

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