If Bumblebee Were a Two Wheeler

The Transformer Bumblebee has taken a couple different forms, but never as a motorcycle. Yanko Design was recently commissioned by Boneheart to create a custom bike, and the result gives an idea of what the famous robot in disguise might look like if he chose a two wheel variation instead of four.

front view bumblebee bike

The bike was commissioned to be part of a custom motorbike lottery. For the build, deBolex opted for a Yamaha MT-10, part of the MT series naked bike. The bike was a good choice, as it produces 158.2 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque. Plenty for when the Autobots roll out.

headlight bumblebee

The original body of the MT-10 looks a little more Decepticon than Autobot, but the deBolex team rectified that by replacing many of the more aggressive body parts. The result is a more subdued look that is accomplished with custom aluminum panels. Dual headlights make up the front, and differ from the original only in that they are recessed. The back integrated the taillight, turn signals, and license plate holder together for a cleaner look. The bike received an orange and black paint job as well as an upholstered seat made of Alcantara leather and vinyl. Under the seat you’ll find access to the electronics.

side view bumblebee

If Bumblebee ever gets tired of his four-wheel look, this bike should be on his list of possible makeovers.

Check it out

bumblebee seat

bumblebee bike side view

bumblebee back view