Indian Motorcycles Celebrates 100 Years with Anniversary Edition

Being the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the United States comes with a bit of clout, so when you announce that you’ll be celebrating your 100th anniversary of one of your top brands, people will take notice. Of course, it helps that Indian Motorcycles will be marking their centenary anniversary of the Scout with a pair of limited edition bikes.

Indian Motorcycle red scout tank

The very first Indian Scout was designed by legendary racer and engineer Charles Franklin. Named the G-20, the G-20 replaced the 606 ccs with a v-twin engine. The G-20 was soon followed up by the Scout 101, and it is this bike that serves as the inspiration for the first limited edition bike. The bike sports the original’s red paint job with gold trim accents. The bike also features beach bars, black wire wheels, a tan leather solo seat, and a luggage rack. Only 750 examples of this version of the Scout will be produced.

Indian Motorcycle scout gear

The other limited edition bike takes its cues from the G-20 and falls into the Bobber category. The wire wheels make an appearance on this bike as well, but they’re accompanied by an ergonomic floating saddle and 10-inch Ape Hanger Handlebars. Unlike the other bike, this version comes in three colors—Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke, and Burnished Metallic. The Thunder Black version has the option of coming with or without and anti-lock brake system. Indian Motorcycle is also releasing three new exhaust options that fit any 2019 or 2020 model. These new exhausts change the look of the bike, but more importantly, they also improve performance by adding a 10 percent increase in horsepower.

Indian Motorcycle engine

With both being limited edition, they’re priced reasonably. The Scout 100th anniversary comes in at $15,999; the Bobber Twenty will run you $11,999 for the non-ABS version or $12,899 for the ABS. You can also pick up plenty of new accessories for the new Scouts, including saddle bags, luggage racks, bar-end mirrors, and smoked windshields.

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Indian Motorcycle tank view of the bike

man riding the red Indian scout Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle test drive of scout