Ironwood’s BMW R100R “Moon Walker” isn’t a Small Step for a Man

Ironwood’s custom BMW R100R Moon Walker falls right into the vein of customizations that Ironwood is becoming known for. The names Ironwood comes up with are very descriptive of the monsters they come out with—“the Mutant” or “the Scumbag” for instance. The Moon Walker’s designation is fitting in that the bike has a sparse and utilitarian feel to it, much like the Apollo shuttles or the lunar rover. In fact, the exhaust brings to mind the tubes and pipes of the space vehicles. Moon Walker’s deep green sets off the brown leather upholstery of the seat and of the leather battery case done by Marcel Miller of Miller Kustom Upholstery.

ironwood’s bmw r100r moon walker motorcycle feature

The simpleness of the theme continues with a complete revamp of the electronics, which included the addition of a new Motogadget control unit and a Lithium-ion battery. New grips and switchgears, from Motone, were added and new LEDs under the seat serve as taillights and turn signals.

ironwood’s bmw r100r moon walker motorcycle handlebar

Overall, Ironwood’s Moon Walker has a simplified profile that speaks to functionality rather than looks. This bike could navigate the moon’s craters without problem, meaning it wouldn’t be a small step for a man, it would be a helluva ride.

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