Jawa 500 Tracker by Zillers Garage Scores One for the Mother Country

The Jawa 500 Tracker by Zillers Garage took home best in show from a custom motorcycle convention in Saint Petersburg for obvious reasons. Dmitry Golubchikov, the brains behind the Jawa 500, crafted the motorcycle from copper and stainless steel. The 21-inch wheels and the classic steering column give the bike a clean, uncomplicated look. The addition of wood accents for the handles, covers, and seat help even further to keep the bike looking simple.

It’s a very un-cluttered bike, mainly because you get basically an engine, a frame, and two wheels. There’s nothing much else, and that’s just fine. Bikes can, and perhaps should, be this simple. The looks are there in plenty—the mix of materials is eye catching. And with nothing superfluous on the bike, riders can just enjoy the ride rather than worrying about all the extra gadgets and doodads. Sure, those extra things have a purpose, but sometimes a motorcycle needs to be just that, a motorcycle. The Jawa 500 does just that, and it does it while looking pretty sharp.

Check it out

jawa 500 tracker motorcycle headlight

jawa 500 tracker motorcycle engine

jawa 500 tracker motorcycle metal body

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