Jeremy Hutch’s 1979 BMW R 80 Skyway Boardracer Stands Out from the Pack

There are no shortage of BMW motorcycles on the road, especially older models that have been refurbished. Part of this is due to the great style synonymous with the BMW motorcycle and part of this is because BMW’s are so reliable to ride, as well as a bike that offers a lot of power and control, much like their vehicles. However, the one downside of having a BMW motorcycle is not really standing out from the crowd when you are on your bike—you end up looking like all the other BMW bikes already zipping up and down the roadways.

Which is why motorcycle designers and grease monkey Jeremy Hutch retooled this BMW R 80 Skyway Boardracer so that it stood out from the pack. All the wires and cables on the bike are internally routed for an amazingly clean look, there are push-button light switches and there is even a digital speedometer installed in the cool, new handlebars. The paint is glossy and white, the gas tank is painted in the style of a Mexican blanket and the seat is made of suede, making the BMW R 80’s instant appearance eye catching, forcing observers to stop and take the rest of the design flourishes in.

What a way to stand out from the pack.

Check it out

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