K-Storm Honda Super Cub Roars onto the Market

How do you follow up on the milestone of making over 100 million units? Well, if you’re the Honda Super Cub, you celebrate your 60th birthday and keep on producing. Honda went a step further and announced that the Super Cub, along with the Monkey, will be returning to US markets. Interestingly enough, the Super Cub isn’t just popular in US markets. It’s spread beyond even the Japanese market, if Thai customizer K-Speed is any indication. The new K-Storm follows up on the company’s Super Power Cub, Super Scrambler Cub, and Funky Cub customizations. The K-Storm, however, features a partnership with motorcycle parts supplier Aeropart.

honda k super cub seat

K-Storm started out as a Honda Super Cub 110—not that you would recognize it after all the work that has been done. The rear wheel was extended backward, giving the bike a longer profile, which is accentuated by bigger tires with carbon fiber saucers. The rear seat and mud guards were removed for a sportier look. The exhaust system, brakes, and suspension are all new. Tilted handle bars, a lowered headlight, and no mirrors finish off the look. K-Speed finished off the project with a killer bronze and black color scheme.

back view k honda super cub

As more customizers catch on to the popularity of the Super Cub, more incredible designs will come to light. Unfortunately for them, K-Speed already has a sizeable head start, with no signs of slowing down.

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