Keanu Reeves Shows off his Favourite Motorcycles

With roles in The Matrix and now John Wick, Keanu Reeves has become an official action star. But it’s not just on the screen that Reeves takes on the action. Off the screen, he’s pretty badass as well. Reeves is known for his prep for movies, including tactical training and studying the martial arts. His driving skills aren’t that bad either, so it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that he has an avid rider.

Reeves learned how to ride a motorcycle for a film. That experience, coupled with his experience as a youth watching motorcycle gangs come into his hometown in Toronto, has led Reeves to love motorcycles.

Reeves also recently co-founded his own motorcycle company. Arch makes custom bikes, which Reeves gives his experience of offering a voice and vision, though he leaves the design and building to more qualified designers and builders. The bikes are all impressive and offer plenty of power and riding joy. The company makes average rides, but also sports and racing models. It’s plain to see that Reeves is passionate about the project, and about creating the best bikes.

Reeves also provides a wish list of bikes he would like to ride—like the 1966 Vincent Black Shadow, 1927 Brough Superiors, and a modern Moto GP. His advice to new riders is to start small and not go straight to those bikes that have too much power, and, of course, to have fun.

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