The Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept is Graphic Design at its Finest

Cutting-edge Swedish manufacturing meets Russian conceptual design in the Koenigsegg Bike 1090. Designed by Burov Art, 1090 is an incredible sight to behold. It’s as bold as a Koenigsegg hypercar, and as stripped back as a custom build; 1090 plays with various forms and materials that contribute to a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, or ‘hyperbike’ as we’re now calling it.

koenigsegg bike 1090 feature

Taking in its sleek, yet muscular form, you notice the distinction between the glossy surface design and the visually raw engineering beauty that sneaks out from breaks in the shell. Matte black carbon fibre accentuates the frame and exhaust, reminding us all that this bike is a product of engineering as well as a work of art. There’s are currently no specifications to speak of, but Goodyear racing tyres and a Borla performance exhaust ground the bike in the real world.

koenigsegg bike 1091 back

For now, 1090 remains a concept. There is no way this beauty slipped under Koenigsegg’s radar, so maybe, just maybe a fleet of these stunning creatures will roll off the line in the near future. We’ll take the red – it’s the fastest colour.

Source – Yanko Design

Check it out

koenigsegg bike 1092 top and side view

koenigsegg bike 1093 style

koenigsegg bike 1094 diesel tank

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