Lark Machine Scraps Together an Electric Slipstream Bike

It looks a little like it belongs in the wastelands of a Mad Max movie, but the Lark Machine Company Electric Slipstream Bike actually has a very modern and specific mission: to break the current two-wheeled electric motorcycle streamliner land speed record.

lark machine electric bike front whel

Shey Nyquist is the brains behind the Lark Machine bike. With a strong history of building dozens of custom bikes as well as a degree in aerospace engineering, Nyquist is just the guy to set the new record. Lark’s bike weighs in at an impressive 1,700 pounds, so it’s going to need a powerful engine to propel it to the speeds it needs to reach to set a record.

Nyquist’s bike is powered by a 22 kWh LiFeP04 battery cells and a 200 kW motor that puts out 268 horsepower. Recent tests had the bike reaching 80 miles per hour under only ten per cent throttle.

lark machine electric slipstream engine bike

The looks of the bike are largely a result of how Nyquist is approaching the build. Nyquist is committed to sticking to a shoestring budget and has been using mostly salvaged parts to build his bike, and that includes saving industrial battery packs that had been tossed out by manufacturers who thought they had reached the end of their lives. Nyquist grabbed up these packs and had a pleasant surprise.

Only a few individual cells had died, causing the whole pack to appear to be dead. “I pulled it apart,” explains Nyquist, “and all the other cells were pretty good. They’d been bused—it was some sort of dyno setup, so they hammered it real hard, but they’re like at an 85 per cent state of health. Plenty of energy in them.”

Nyquist was also able to wheel and deal his way into a free motor and inverter. All that being said, Nyquist still has a long road ahead. As he notes on his site, “Logistics and safety equipment are expensive!” To be able to meet his goal, he’s looking for any donations and contributions he can get, which includes accepting them on his site if you’re interested.

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lark machine back wheel sa electric bike

lark electric bike top view of the engine

lark machine electric bike

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