Moto Parilla’s Ultra Carbon E Bike Impersonates a Motorcycle

It would be easy to look at the Ultra Carbon E Bike and confuse it for a motorcycle, but that wasn’t what Moto Parilla was out to make. Instead, the company that was once part of the Caterham umbrella put together an electric mountain bike that very closely resembles a motorcycle, thanks to its ticker middle section and fat tires. The looks of the bike are up to you, though, as the Ultra Carbon is fully customizable.

Ultra Carbon E Bike handle

The Ultra Carbon is a pedal-assist bike that can be used in urban and mountain settings. It comes with a 3000W brushless engine that is powered by a 72V lithium-ion battery. It can produce 148 ft-lb of torque, so getting up any incline is possible with this bike. You can also hit speeds of 50 miles per hour, so commute times are going to be a lot less. Each bike is custom made to each owner’s specifications, making each bike unique. Made out of sculpted carbon on an aluminum frame, the bike weighs only 113.5 pounds. It comes with Vee Tyre Apache tires. The front fork and rear suspension are outfitted with swing arms that use Cane Creek coil shock absorbers. The bike also has an LED light package and is Bluethooth capable. The extra-large handlebars feature Velo grips. Braking is accomplished via eight-piston Alligator brakes. Finally, the Moto Parilla will paint the bike any color that you want.

Ultra Carbon E Bike spokes

In even better news, even with all the customization, the Ultra Carbon E Bike sells for just $7,300. While it may look like a motorcycle, this electric mountain bike offers everything you need for a daily commuter or for a trail rider with the guts to help get you up those steep inclines or to speed up your ride considerably.

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Ultra Carbon E Bike

Ultra Carbon Electric Bike