Nasa’s Alfredo Juarez Winner of Indian Scout Bobber Build-Off Challenge

Alfredo Juarez has been in pursuit of his passion for a great length of time now. He has committed several decades to becoming both a creative and technical wizard, which led him to a prosperous career at Nasa in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, which is just across the U.S.-Mexican border from Ciuidad, Juarez in Mexico. A vast inspirational juxtoposition from the Drug Cartel violence and public corruption that has given Jurez a grim reputation in recent years, Alfredo Juarez seems to embody only positive vibes and a passion for life and beauty in his technical art ventures.

juarez scout bobber motorbike front side

“I have the brain of an engineer but the heart of an artist,” said Juarez. “Anything that moves, any parts that work, I like to see them. I like to see all the mechanics and the workings of the motorcycle instead of trying to cover it all up.”

juarez scout bobber motorbike wheel

Juarez’s unique design drawing was special enough to catch the eyes and imagination’s of Indian Motorcycles, which is one of the few iconic American brands of motorcycles that can be compared with the likes of Harley Davidson and other custom hogs. That’s nothing to snort at. Juarez was excited. He admitted in a video interview that he had only been this nervous once before in his life – when he proposed to his wife! That seems incredible when you consider he works as a lead flammability test engineer for NASA.

juarez scout bobber motorbike side

“Anything that goes up in space, I burn it for a living,” Juarez said.

His life story of staying committed is worth checking out as is his elegant design of the pure power and beauty of an Indian Motorcycle.

Check it out

juarez scout bobber motorbike trunk

juarez scout bobber motorbike engine

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