Nuno Capêlo + Ricardo Santos Rebuild the Yamaha SR400 Before It Disappears

When it was first introduced in the 1970s, the Yamaha SR400 was an instant classic. This bike performed well and still sold year after year, appealing to everyone from beginners to experienced riders.

yamaha sr400 motorcycle feature

Back in 2014, Yamaha re-released a new version of the SR400 after a long absence from the market. With its svelte lines, this street thumper looked just like it did in 1978. The new version of the SR400 perfectly blended the old and new. With the original kick start mechanism, authentic engine and chassis, this bike was nearly indistinguishable from the original. One of the best things about the new SR400 was that it could be easily customised into a street tracker or café racer. This fact made it very easy for Nuno Capêlo to customise this bad boy before it disappears once more.

yamaha sr400 motorcycle diesel tank

Unfortunately, the Yamaha SR400 will not be in production much longer due to emissions regulations. Before it is gone forever, Portuguese custom bike builder Nuno Capêlo decided to try their hand at customising the SR400. They teamed up with another custom bike designer, Ricardo Santos, on the custom café racer. The two customizers have very different strengths. Capêlo has an architectural background, and Ricardo Santos has specialised engineering knowledge. This bike exemplifies each builder’s strengths.

yamaha sr400 motorcycle seat

The suspension was completely revamped on this build. It now has USD forks, which makes it a lot more corner-friendly. It features rounded front and rear fibreglass fairings. This adds to the retro cool look. Other changes include thick rubber tires and front drum brakes. Cork seating and grips round out the look.

Check it out

yamaha sr400 motorcycle top

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