“Pamela” the Scrambler Will Be the Best Girlfriend You’ve Ever Had

If you’re looking at products with the brand name “Death Collective,” you ain’t looking for a Sunday drive. Enter Pamela the Scrambler. This project bike is something even a novice mechanic can put together, using just the same basic tools you have in your home garage. With the “plug-and-play” parts, and thorough how-to guides and videos, you’ll have Pamela purring and roaring down the road in no time.

pamela motorcycle silencer

Triumphs came out of the 60s with a reputation of being a great all-around bike. Whether you were road-tripping or off-roading, the Triumph was the bike for you. Based on the 2015 Triumph Scrambler, Pamela continues that tradition. She’s been designed to be the perfect “fun machine,” and she’s ready for anything you’ll throw at her—paved road, dirt roads, speed tracks, back wood trails, or sandy beaches. If you want a machine that will hold up to a sound thrashing, then Pamela is what you’re looking for.

pamela motorcycle engine

Of course, you want to look good while you’re doing all that. Just like your ex-girlfriend that shares the same name, Pamela looks good. You won’t be rolling up to the grocery store or the pub looking like you just lost a bet. Pamela is sleek, stylish, and sexy. Your new girlfriend will be jealous of this Pamela, too.

Check it out

pamela motorcycle top view

pamela motorcycle back

pamela motorcycle high speed

pamela motorcycle feature

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