Project Gus Dirt Bike and Side Tray Hauls You and Everything You Need

Looking just at pictures, you might expect to see an action figure standing next to the Honda Grom. The bike has a feel of being a toy, but the 124.9cc one-cylinder, air-cooled motorcycle with a four-speed transmission has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s becoming a darling among customising shops. Industrial Moto turned a Grom into their Project GUS with a side tray.

Project Gus Dirt Bike front

Starting with a 2018 MSX125, the Virginia-based shop replaced the seat, exhaust, lights, and plastics. From there, they introduced the Grom Utility Sidecar—GUS. The sidecar features an all-terrain suspensions system, Quick Fist clamps, D-rings, and a high ground clearance so that you can take it anywhere the Grom can go.

The sidecar also has dual LED headlights for additional illumination. You can use the detachable storage box on the accessory mount when hauling gear, or swap out the storage box for the passenger seat, which comes with a grab bar, when you want a companion along with you instead of utilities. With Grom’s gas mileage of over 100 miles per gallon (it holds about 1.5 gallons) you’ll be able to get just about anywhere and take your gear or pint-sized friend with you.

Project Gus Dirt Bike back

The sidecar comes as a DIY kit that can be bolted on or disconnected easily. It sells for USD$1,600.

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