R.O.A. Refurbishes Bikes and Themselves

In 2014, Jaime Fenwick founded R.O.A. motorcycles, with the desire to follow in the footsteps of original, eponymously named R.O.A. founder Rafael Onieva Ariza—Fenwick’s grandfather. Ariza had started the company in Spain in the 1950s, travelling around Europe to find classic motorcycles to make into personal projects, not only refurbishing them but also making them unique bikes borne out of his own visionary skill.

aka bmw r80 motorcycle front

Like grandfather, like grandson as a slight twist on the old saying goes, Fenwick had always watched his grandfather work and rebuilt motorcycles as a hobby, when he wasn’t studying architecture or industrial design. Yet when he refurbished his grandfather’s company a few years ago, he decided to turn his hobby into a career and apply his studies to the craft and some would argue art of making old motorcycles entirely new.

aka bmw r80 motorcycle front design

The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with revived bikes that range from Suzuki DR650 dirt bikes to a bulky Triumph Bonneville’s to sporty BMW R1200C’s to even a Vespa Iris 200. But one of the most notable has been the reinterpretation of the BMW R80, which is a mix of classic, café racer and scrambler style. The navy blue fuel tank and suede seat of exemplify the time, care and craftsmanship put into this bike, just as Fenwick puts into every bike.

Just like his grandfather would.

Check it out

aka bmw r80 motorcycle diesel tank

aka bmw r80 motorcycle engine

aka bmw r80 motorcycle top

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