Rogue Motorcycles Mix it up with Skaters and Bikers

The Triumph Thruxton SK8 or Die by Rogue Motorcycles brings two worlds together. The pairing of skater culture with motorcycles may seem counterintuitive. Both are in the realm of transportation, but they’re definitely not apples to apples—maybe not even apples to oranges. But the mash up created by Rogue Motorcycles proves that even two completely different worlds and lifestyles can still be combined into a whole that is greater than its parts.

rogue motorcycle design

SK8 or Die is a display of HandBrake the Artist’s visionary talent. Using a graffiti style of artwork to decorate not only the tank, but also the rims gives the bike the feeling of being more an ode to modern art and skateboarding than yet another in a long line of theme bikes. Tying in skateboarding goes beyond the artwork on the tank and rims. Looking closely, you’ll notice that the seat is actually a skateboard deck with a mono shock just below it—which necessitated cutting away nearly half of the frame. The rear lights are partially repurposed trucks. Those details would all be lost if you didn’t have the right base to build on, that’s why Rogue Motorcycles went with a 2011 Triumph Thruxton. Changes to that original, beyond the cut frame and monoshock, also included a modified swing arm, and upside-down Suzuki GSX-R1000 forks. Just like the skateboarding culture, however, there’s more to this bike than what you can take in with just initial looks—you need time to let it all sink in.

Bike Exif

Rogue Motorcycles

rogue motorcycle fuel tank art

rogue motorcycle back light

rogue motorcycle engine

rogue motorcycle seat

rogue motorcycle front

rogue motorcycle back wheel

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